About Us

Intelligence. Opportunity. Confidence.

The Meydan approach

Whilst every investment opportunity is unique, Meydan Group’s
approach is consistent: create value at every stage of the
investment cycle.

Placement of key resources with deep industry knowledge and experience provides the leverage for us to execute tailored plans effectively.

At the Meydan Group we draw on the skills and experience of our global network to tailor a value creation plan for every opportunity. We do this by ensuring the people we partner with share or are aligned to our core values.

Approach to creating value

  • Innovating at every opportunity
  • Investing in assets
  • Investing in people and empowering them
  • Bringing in the right resources
  • Partnering to fund step change growth
  • Exiting profitably, where it makes sense

Our values

  • We love to learn and to try new things
  • We like to disrupt, it is not ‘business as usual’ at Meydan Group
  • We earn trust by being honest and open
  • We are in it for the journey and not a quick win (although we like to win)
  • We back you; our partners, our team, our investors, our customers, the community
  • We value our family and yours. The people we work with join the Meydan Family. We want a better world for the next generation.

Businesses we value

Pillars of our business

We are one of Australia’s most entrepreneurial and diversified groups. Under a single parent company, we manage diverse operating businesses, investments and assets across multiple industries across the world. Our strength is in identifying latent opportunity in assets, businesses and markets and realising that opportunity through innovation, on the ground delivery and the right team partners.

Our Team

Who we are

The Meydan Group is a diversified high net worth family investment group that invests in businesses across various business segments and asset classes.

Our Team